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Traditional Thai Massage

An ancient form of massage passed down through many generations.  This form of oil-free massage uses deep tissue, pressure point and stretching techniques to reduce your stress and relieve muscle soreness.  Loose-fitting pajamas appropriate for stretching will be supplied to you.

Thai / Oil Combination Massage

This is a combination of the Traditional Thai Massage and the Oil Massage techniques.  It involves light stretching along with a relaxing oil massage customized for you.

Swedish Oil Massage

A classic Swedish massage uses light to medium pressure with lotion or oil, offering a feeling of calm relaxation.  Good (or recommended) after exercise or strenuous activity.

Deep Tissue Massage

 This style is designed to focus on your tight trouble spots.  Oil massage with firm strokes will release tension and leave you feeling loose, limber and revitalized.


Foot and lower leg massage based on the reflexes which correspond to every part of your body.  The therapist applies pressure on these reflexes using tools, creams or lotions.  This ancient massage relieves tension, improves circulation and improves your general health.

Massage Pricing

60 Minute - $80
90 Minute - $115
120 Minute - $155

60 Minute Couples Massage - $160

Add $15 to any Massage for Hot Stones

Package discounts available

10 Hour Package - $700

Packages Expire after 1 Year

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