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About uS

At Iyara Thai Massage, our mission is to help promote health and well being in every customer we serve.  We believe that it is important to get to know you and to understand your unique needs and preferences.


We are pleased to offer traditional Thai massage and Swedish (deep tissue) massage, or a combination of the two.  We also offer reflexology (foot massage).  Our staff has been trained in Thailand with emphasis on Thai style massage, incorporating essential Thai approaches such as stretching and application of pressure techniques designed to release muscle tension and free bound energy.  These methods balance the body’s meridians and allow for increased circulation and energy flow.  Our goal is to assist you in achieving vigorous health and ultimate relaxation.


Come in and meet our warmhearted staff, whose sincere desire is to provide you with the best in traditional Thai massage leading to the most rejuvenating and relaxing massage experience you’ve ever known.

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